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Cityguard’s TV ‘stars’ on NewstalkZB

Hear Ian and Afioae talking with Tim Dower this morning about their upcoming TV Show, ‘Living with the Boss’.


Get to know Cityguard

Now you can secure all the security services your business needs, with one call.


What ‘socially sustainable’ means to us and to you

This is a process for creating sustainable successful places that promote wellbeing, by understanding what people need from the places they live and work. 

We pay our people better than the industry average; we provide a shift structure that allows them to make an engaged contribution within their family unit every day; we reward them for improving their industry and personal skills; and we encourage them to support each other in the day-to-day. For them it’s a better-rounded career.

For you it represents better trained, better motivated, more engaged individuals providing the security your organisation needs, sustainably.


To change the perception of the security industry

This virtuous pursuit is shared by every member of our team; in the way we deal with each other; in the way we deal with our clients; and in the way we deal with our communities.

Cityguard is building fulltime careers with better trained individuals who can make a bigger contribution at home, at work, at large. Like every other first responder, Cityguard guards are trained, equipped and motivated to act decisively in the common good.  We don’t need flashing lights because we’re generally already on the scene.

We will achieve our purpose through our actions.


The Living Wage is an investment, not a cost

While remuneration is only one reflection of an individual’s worth it exerts intangible influence beyond the numbers. Described as “the income necessary to provide workers and their families with the necessities of life” the living wage has come to mean and provide so much more.  For one thing it’s not about the minimum. At Cityguard each team member has the continuous opportunity to increase their income beyond the living wage by committing to professional and skill development. As they achieve industry qualification so they increase their hourly remuneration.

For us, the living wage is the foundation of a security career.

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